Vacation in the capital of Belarus

Vacation in the capital of Belarus


Vacation in the capital of Belarus

If you got acquainted  to the sights of our capital  and do not want go far away from the city  but you still have energy and desire to learn something new then you’ll be interested in the following variants of spending your time in Minsk.

We’re glad to offer you some thematic routes around Minsk.

Theatrical  Minsk (Pedestrian Tour)

It is a pedestrian tour around the center of the city which will be finished by visiting one of Minsk theatres.  You’ll get acquainted with the sights of Freedom Squire: The Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, the Cathedral of the former Bernardine cloister (1642),  The Cathidral of Holly Mary, the Town Hall, the place where was a city theatre ( Musician Academy) where in 1852 the first Belorussian national opera "Syalyanka" on  Dunin-Martinkevicg  libretto and  on Monyushko music was set. Near the house of Monyushko you’ll learn about the life of a remarkable composer. Then you’ll see Vanovich’s  mansion, park  named after Y. Kupala – famous Belorussian poet.  You’ll see the panorama of Gorkiy park (former Presidential), The Circus (1958), Central Officers’ Palace, Oktyabrskaya  Squire with the Palace of the Republic. 

Orthodox Minsk

During the excursion you’ll visit: Freedom Squire with panorama of Zamchischa (the place where The First temple was built in the XI century). On the Freedom Squire you’ll learn the history of Ortodoxy in Belarus; you’ll get acquainted with the history of the Cathedral of Holy Spirit. After that you’ll see a new Church of the Ikon of  mother of God on Prituckogo street  - the history of the modern orthodoxy in Belarus. Then we’ll move to St. Elisabeth Feminine Monastery. The excursion will be held by the Mother superior. 

Minsk Temples

During this excursion you’ll get acquainted with the history of different religious confessions (Orthodoxy, Catholicity, Protestantism, Old beliefs, Islam, Judaism). You’ll visit next sights during the excursion: Freedom Squire with panorama of Zamchischa (the place where The First temple  was bilt in the XI  century), The Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, the cathedral of the former Bernadine cloister (1642),  Saint. Joseph  Cathedral, a complex of Bernadine cloisters, the building of Basilian Monastery, The Cathedral of Saint Virgin Mary and Jesuit College(XVII-XVIII cent). You’ll visit Zolotogorskiy Cathedral of Saint Rokh (XIX cent.) and Alexander Nevskij Church which was built in 1898 in honor of Russian victory in the Russian-Turkish war. Also you’ll see many interesting sights and places which will show you how representatives of different faiths peacefully lived and live nowadays on the territory of Belarus.  

Jewish Minsk

During  the excursion you’ll get acquainted with the history of Jewish people, with their religion and traditions, famous people and also with the Holocaust history. The excursion includes visiting of Freedom Squire, Rakovskoye Suburb – one of the places where Jewish live in Minsk, you’ll learn about Minsk during the years of occupation and visit the memorial “Yama” – the memory symbol of Holocaust events.


Modern Minsk is also a big industrial center. Such companies like "Slodych", "Kommunarka", "Vitex", etc are well known and some of them are ready to open for you their doors with pleasure. For the representatives of the strongest part of humanity or just for those who loves beer that would be interested to see the process of beer production today. Brewery Alivaria offers you to go on a fascinating one and a half century trip: from the small wooden brewery to a successful enterprise which never stopped its work during the whole factory history. 

In the museum of the brewery there are about 100 exhibits, among which there is a collection of beer bottles and labels of factory production of different years, antique objects for making beer dated by 19 – the beginning of XX century. A part of museum exposition is devoted to the history of Carlsberg Company (today Alivaria is a part of this company). In addition you’ll get  a chance to try Belorussian beer on a degustation.

And if you’re under 18 then you’re welcome to “Coca-Cola” factory. During the excursion you’ll get acquainted with the history of The Coca-Cola Company, will try different beverages produced by Coca-Cola Beverages Belarus IE  and on the factory itself you’ll learn about difficult process of making Coca-Cola beverages.

Visiting one of Belorussian theatres will become a very nice addition to your vacation in Belarus: Belorussian State Academic Musician Theatre, The National Academic Gorkiy Theatre, and The National Academic Kupala Theatre. 

The National Opera and Ballet theatre is the most famous one in cultural Minsk. In the basis of opera repertoire there are masterpieces of Italian bell canto – “Nabucco”, “Ball  -  Masquerade”, “Aida”, “Othello” by Verdi, “ Madam Butterfly”, “Tosca”, “Bohemia”, “Turandot” by Puccini, classical operas of Russian composers. And the performances of a famous ballet master Valentin Elizaryev such as “Carmen-suite”, “Spartak”, “The Nutcracker”, “Bolero”, “Romeo and Juliet” are sold out every season.

Visiting one of numerous Minsk museums can also become a good variant of spending your spare time. There are museums in Minsk for any taste: The National Art museum with its collection of works of Belorussian, Russian artists; the Museum of Minsk history; the Museum of Belorussian Cinema history; the Museum of Aviation Equipment; some literary museums such as Museum of Akub  Kolas , of Yanka Kupala, of Maksim Bogdanovich; the museum of sculptor Azgur and art gallery of Mikhail Savitsky.

If you’re staying in Minsk with the children you’ll enjoy for sure our Zoo;  more than 2.5 thousand of different animals from Jungles, boreal forest, deserts, steppes, mountains live there. Also you’ll like our Dolphinarium.  And in the evening you should go on a performance of our Belorussian State Circus.

Before your arrival at home you can go on shopping on Belorussian stores and shopping centers with our guide so you can bring some gifts to your friends and relatives. There are classic departments stores in Minsk such as GUM and CUM, also we there are a lot modern shopping malls. A couple of words about leading Belorussian brand marks… Women will like cosmetics of “Belita&Viteks”; “Milavitsa” and “Serge” underwear; knitted wear of “Alesya” and “Kupalinka”. A good gift as for women so for men will become “Luch” watches, hand bag or belt by “Galanteya” or “Matiolli”. And don’t forget about “Komunarka” and “Spartak” sweets for dessert.

You can choose what suites you most of all and we’ll help you to organize the best vacation. 

If you want to visit a theatre, circus or dolphinarium you should let us know in advance so we can book for you the best tickets.