The memorial complex "Khatyn"-Raubichi-The Mound of Glory.

The memorial complex

The memorial complex "Khatyn"-Raubichi-The Mound of Glory.

During this excursion you’ll get acquainted with the events of the Great Patriotic War, with the tragedy of the civilian people, with population struggle against fascist  invaders. Time will never erase from the people’s memory a day of March, 22 when the Nazis have burned a small Belorussian village Khatyn. Here 194 people died, among them were 75 children. The death of Khatyn inhabitants has become a symbol of tragedy of all Belorussian population during Great Patriotic War. Memorial in Khatyn which was created by Belorussian architects Y.Gradov, V. Zanovich, L. Levin and by sculptor S. Selihanov  now is known all over the world.

On the way to the Mound of Glory you’ll visit the Olympic Sports Complex "Raubichi" where you can visit not only sports constructions but also the Museum of Belorussian Folk Arts which is located in the building of former Holly Cross Cathedral. You’ll also visit the Mound of Glory which was created in honor of warriors who liberated Belarus in summer of 1944 during an offensive operation “Bagration”.

The length of the route - 120 km, the duration of the excursion is 5 hours.