Stalin’s line

Stalin’s line

Stalin’s line.

Stalin’s Line is one of the most grandiose fortification ensembles in Belarus. It was opened on the 30th of July 2005. It was founded in order to immortalize a grandiose system of defensive regions “Stalin’s Line” and to become a symbol of Soviet people heroic struggle against Nazi invaders.

Historical and Cultural complex “Stalin’s Line” is represented by a military-historical museum in the open air. A part of a rifle company of Stalin’s line is recreated in the museum. Military engineers have recreated two pillboxes, artillery revetment and technical command post. Local engineering equipment was recreated due to pre-war charts.  All kinds of trenches, corrugations, antitank ditches, positions for rifle sections, bunkers are represented in the exposition. In the military-historical museum you can find the fullest collection of weapons and military equipment, artillery, tanks, aviation and small arms which were in service of Belorussian Army in different times from the World War II. A unique exposition of Russian, Polish, German armored hoods saved from time of the World War I is represented in the museum.

The length of the route - 80 km, the duration of the excursion is 4 hours.