Zaslaul is an ancient city.

Zaslaul is an ancient city.

Zaslaul is an ancient city.

In half an hour way from Minsk (about 30 km) there is a small town Zaslaul - one of the most ancient Belorussian cities and it’s age is more than a thousand of years. Together with Nesvizh and Polotsk the town has status of  “city-museum”.

You can find here unique masterpieces of history, archeology and architecture. Among them are ancient settlements “Zamechek” and “Val”, the Church of Savior’s Transfiguration which was built as Calvinist Cathedral in the XVI century.

The names of grand Kiev prince Vladimir Svyatoslavovoch, Polotsk princess Rogneda and their son – prince Izyaslav are associated with this town.

Tapestries ("Rogneda", "Pray" and "The Bells") created by modern Belorussian artists are represented in the museum complex which is located on the former Market Squire.  In the museum you can not only see but also hear the musical instruments which were popular in different regions of Belarus, you can get acquainted with Belorussian folk theatre – Batleyka.

Ethnographic complex located on the territory of the town which includes the mill and the forge makes you feel the coloring of a small town a hundred years ago.  During the theatrical excursion “Visiting Pani Zosya” in a warm and comfortable “hata zavoznika” you’ll be offered to meet Belorussian folklore (songs, dances, games) and to try refreshments (cake and tea).

The length of the route - 60 km, the duration of the excursion is 4 hours.