The Royal City Grodno.

The Royal City Grodno.

The Royal City Grodno.

It is one of the richest for monuments and the most beautiful cities of Belarus. It is an ancient city by buildings of which you can learn  architectural styles of the past. Here you can find Gothic and Renaissance, Baroque and Classics.

Next to the buildings of the 12th century you can find constructions in such styles as Modern, Constructivism. 

In former times it used to be the capital of The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, so the fateful events of our history are connected with this city.  The old Royal castle in Grodno was built in XIV century. In the end of the XVI  century the king Stephan Batorij has built here a palace which played a considerable role in the state history. Today in the reconstructed palace there is a museum. In the neighborhoods there is a New palace of the beginning of XVIII century. The dramatic events connected with the second and the third division of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth took place in here.  Both palaces look very picturesque on the high bank of the Neman.

There are many ancient castles in Grodno. Here is a famous Borisoglebskaya (Kolozhskaya) Curch of the XII century – the most ancient working church in Belarus.  The Main Cathedral (former Jesuit) affects by its sophisticated main façade and by the lavish interior. During the excursion you’ll see the numerous monasteries of the city. 

There are a great number of museums in Grodno, also the city has  a Zoo. An agro-tourists complex “Garadzenski Maentak “Karobchytcy”  is for your service  in 12 km from the city. It is stylized as Polish landowner farmstead of XIX  century.

You can also have great time in one of aqua parks, and in the warm time of the year you can sail on the motor ship by a famous Augustovskiy Canal which connects the Neman and the Visla and is the monument of hydraulic architecture.

The length of the route - 700 km, the duration of the excursion is 16 hours.