Event-trigger tourism

Event-trigger tourism

Calendar of Events

December 2012 - January 2013

The opening of the winter season in Silichi, Raubichi, Logoisk

Traditional festivities around Christmas trees, concerts, fireworks, sports events in cities across the country

Theatrical New Year’s performances  in the National Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" and "Nalibokskaya Pushcha"

February 2013

World Championships in cycling on the track in 2013

March 2013

Republican trade fair of craftsmen "Kazyuki-2013" in Grodno

The fair which is  named in honor of the St. Casimir  - "Kazyuk". It takes part every year on March 4, the day of St. Casimir, the patron of craftsmen. Traditionally at the trade fair "Kazyuki"  you can see and buy the products made by craftsmen. Paintings, drawings, sticks, basket weaving, embroidery, wood carving, blacksmithing, pottery, glass painting, decorative leather, batik will be presented.

International Knights festival "White Castle" in town Ostroshitsky.

April  2013

May 2013

XIII Festival of Slavic martial arts in Grodno

During the festival jousting tournament, concert performances of dance and music groups will be held.

International Festival of fire in Minsk

Youth street culture festival will present the guests with performances of circus bands and rock bands, graffiti contest, photo and moto-exhibition, exhibition of vintage cars. On the festival you can see the working tools of fire show artists and they will share their secrets with everybody who will ask.

June 2013

Candy Festival in Ivenets

Meeting with princes, knights festival, fun dancing, games and fortune telling, treasure, quizzes, degustation of sweets are prepared for you on this Festival.

Festival "Heritage of Ages" in the Mir Castle

"Heritage of the Ages" is the largest festival of historical reconstruction of the middle ages which is unique in Belarus. It’s also one of the largest festivals of this format in Central and Eastern Europe. A grand pageant of a medieval battle will become a culmination of the festival. More than 600 warriors will participate in this battle. 

July 2013

 "Mstislavskij Festival" (the place of existence of Mstsislavski castle Xll - XV c).

Mass battles, tourney of bowmen, tourney of swordsmen, pageant of storming of the fortress, excursion to Pustynsky monastery founded in 1380, tour to the basement of Jesuit College are contemplated in the program of Festival.

August 2013

International Food Festival "Motalskіya prysmakі" (village Motol in Ivanovo region)

Motol is a whole ensemble of interesting facts and distinctive traditions. It is the largest village in Belarus, which received autonomy at the time of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The first president of Israel, Chaim Weizmann was born here.

Motol also was famous for its handicrafts. Now they are almost forgotten, but Motol has a new tradition. The tradition is to hold the festival "Motalskіya prysmakі."

Employees of the local museum represent old local ceremony of wedding loaf, which pretends to be included in the List of Intangible Heritage of UNESCO. "Motalskіya prysmakі" it’s the festival of traditional cuisine of Polesie, the degustation of moonshine is also organized. The organizers of Festival managed to re-create the special atmosphere of a multinational Belarusian village.

"Annenskі kіrmash" (Zelva)

This trade-entertainment event has been started at the beginning of XVIII century  when magnates Sapieha, the owners of Zelva, got the right to hold fairs here. The regional cuisine, performances of folk groups, products of craftsmen are in the program of Festival.

The festival of ethnic music "Volnae pavetra" ("Free air") in Volozhin region

A large number of talented Belarusian ethnic groups take part in this music festival. Guests of this festival can find many exciting outdoor activities.

World Championship of woodcutters in Raubichi

The center of attraction for spectators and fans will be the best competition of woodcutters in the world. Their virtuosity, speed of operation and desire to win - it is always fascinating performance. In the center of Raubichi the craftsmen will work special for you.

Festival "Call of Polesie"

In the program of Festival you can find the thematic farm-stands "Palesskaya slabada" which show ethnographic originality of Polesie’s culture, competition for fishermen, boat rentals, skating on the boat along the Pripyat and many others activities.

September 2013

National Festival and Fair of rural workers "Dozhinki" in Gomel

Festival "Asalodkі" in Mogilev

Chocolate, truffles, caramels, candy stick… In Mogilev all the most delicious, sweet can become  an element of art and turn an ordinary day in a real fairytale. The most famous factories of the country "Kommunarka" and "Spartak" combine confectionery with songs, dances and circus arts.

Folk Festival "Kamyanіtsa" near Minsk at the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life

International Knights festival "White Castle" in town Ostroshitsky