What can Belarus offer eco-tourists? The primordial nature of wonderful beauty, rare animals and plants, fathomless lake. First of all Polesie is unique natural area which can surprise everyone with its unsolved mysteries. Add to it a lot of national parks and reserves: "Belovezhskaya Pushcha", "Naroch", "Braslav Lakes", "Pripyat", Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve, "Nalibokskaya Pushcha", "Blue Lake" and many others.

Here we can organize hiking, horseback riding, biking, water trips and other outdoor activities.

More than 180 country houses across the country receive tourists every year. They are very different. Some of them can offer you a self-contained house with a fireplace, a pool and a sauna; the others can offer a private rooms in a traditional style in the owners house. But owners of every country houses can prepare delicious feed and offer many activities. Somewhere you can fish or go to the forest, somewhere you can ride. You can try traditional entertainments – to milk cows, to feed chickens, to shear sheep, to mow the grass. These places are perfect for celebration the ancient festivals - Midsummer and Pancake week.

The green ways which are laid across the country are the great opportunity to get acquainted with Belarusian nature, history and culture and relax in a country house in the way Belarusians do.

We offer the following options for outdoor activities:

  • rest in comfortable country house with entertainment in open air: dog sledding, horseback riding, sledding, musicians, fire shows, costume shows, knightly battle, sauna;
  • visit nature reserves, spectacular historical monuments;
  • observation of wild animals in their natural environment in the company of a guide-biologist (acquaintance with the life of animals, their habits);
  • extreme relaxation – learning how to survive in the wild nature;
  • fishing tours;
  • acquaintance with Belarusian culture and traditions (making bread, handicrafts).

Photo hunting

1st day: Meeting the  group in Minsk, transfer to a country house, lunch, going to the safari (tour around country house, learning animal tracks, how to camouflage and to navigate the terrain, wildlife photograph), returning to the house, dinner.

2nd day: Breakfast, photo hunting. If you are persistent enough, and you'll get lucky - you can make the most valuable picture in your life! Lunch in the open air, photo hunting, returning to the house, dinner.

3rd day: Breakfast, safari, returning to the house, lunch, departure to Minsk.

Bicycle tour across the preserve Sorochanskij

1st day: Meeting the group in Minsk, transfer to a country house, lunch. You will visit the largest lake in Belarus – Naroch, Svir village, an old watermill on the river Stracha. Return to the country house, where wait-heated sauna and a delicious dinner of Belarusian cuisine will be prepared for you.

2-3 days. Breakfast, bicycle tour. In two days you will visit Sorochanskie lakes, pagan temple, the old city of the 9th century, the local watermills, Shaykunskuyu forest, chapel-shrine of landlord Svolken, the most beautiful cathedrals of Western Belarus: Churches in Mihalishki, Vornyani and Gervyati.

4th day: Breakfast, bicycle tour. You will visit the old barrows, see  fish-salmon streams, returning to the house, lunch, departure to Minsk.

Green way "Valozhynskіya gastsіntsy"

Thematic hinges

- Crafts. Ivenets is the center of pottery, known since the sixteenth century. There is a museum of handicrafts where ceramics, basketry, weaving, wood carving are included in the exhibition.

- Famous people who come from these places (S.Budny, V.I.Dunin-Marcinkiewicz, M.Grushvitsky, K.Buylo, Hv.Cherni, Yadvigin Sh St.Ulas , F.Ruschits, etc.);

- Nalibokskaya Pushcha, natural monument;

- River Isloch, well  known among by fans of sports tourism and fishing, is the part of the historic medieval water trade route from the Baltic to the Black Sea;

- Old towns (Ivenets, Rakov);

- Museums (ecomuseum of folk instruments, ecomuseum of beekeeping, Felix Janushkevich’s art gallery in Rakov).