Health-improving tourism

Health-improving tourism

Health-improving tourism

Modern life requires us a lot of physical and mental strength. Today tiredness and irritability became companions of every person.

Rest on the nature is able to restore balance and create a peaceful atmosphere. There are a lot of opportunities to organize holidays in Belarusian sanatoriums and heath resorts for people who want to improve health.

The location of Belarusian health resorts itself already has a positive effect on health: pine forests, the picturesque coasts of rivers and lakes. Temperate continental climate in Belarus, wet winters and warm summers are favorable for recreation and heath improvement all year round. Add to it mineral water and therapeutic mud - and you’ll feel the positive result  in the first days of holiday.

There are two types of therapeutic mud in Belarus (or saprogenic silt mud freshwater lakes and peat). They are rich in cellulose, acids and microelements. They  are used to treat diseases of the joints, muscles and skin.

Another factor in the therapeutic recreation is diet food.

The treatment can be combined with hiking or cycling, sport, visits of beauty parlor, Russian bath or excursions around Belarus.

The harmony of natural therapeutic factors and the clean air, lakes, rivers, sports facilities, exciting excursions dispose to relax and recreate.